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February 12 2018

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divine scales

January 20 2018



My info posts about mental illness that doesn’t explicitly mention schizophrenia:

My info posts about mental illness that explicitly mentions schizophrenia:


The code: indirectly mentioning schizophrenia 😎

December 14 2017


If you have a persistent belief that you are a god unbearably stuffed into a broken human form, smash that mf like button!


everyone: *stops responding*
me: wow they must be busy
brain: or maybe you don’t exist

September 27 2017


u are NOT welcome to my twisted mind. KEEP OUT! it’s private

July 14 2017

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A detail of the second largest shrine of Tutankhamun. The surface is decorated with texts and vignettes from the Book of the Dead. The goddess Nephthys offering protection.

July 03 2017

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i drew more 4komas about kurosaki because im a bad person

May 15 2017

Self harm/meds warning

<!-- more -->

I cut my thigh for the first time since I was 12 or 13 years old…I’m not proud, I hate how easy it was and I hate the sense of relief that flooded me after doing it

I forgot my meds yesterday and it felt like everything was exploding in and around me and voices were craving an outlet 

“Whats stopping you, you can buy razors and you jam a needle in your leg once a week anyway so it won’t be that hard to do!! Are you just going to tremble alone in the bathroom and do nothing!!!” 

May 13 2017

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April 28 2017

date a boy who

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“I am an ancient GOD I FeeD off BLOOD, and violence”

February 13 2017


that Relatable™ mental illness feel when you can’t tell if your workload is unreasonable or if you’d actuallly be able to handle this if you had a functioning fucking brain

January 17 2017

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January 14 2017



types of dissociation:

  • existing but a little to the left
  • am i crossing my eyes or is everything just blurry?
  • clipped right thru the floorboards
  • what the fuck is a “body”
  • i have too many bodies at once and they’re trying to start a fight club. how many arms are humans supposed to have again?
  • floam
  • sounds fake but ok
  • pick two: harsh noise, dial up tone, cantina theme [10 hour version]
  • 360 no scope
  • the atmosphere is lighting me on fire very, very slowly.
  • someone: “wow! you handled that stressful situation so well! so cool and competent!” me, unaware that anything happened: “i what now”
  • *forgets to breathe for 5 hours*

feel free 2 add ur own

-Talking loudly and quickly but do I know what I’m saying? No. No I don’t.
-My head is full of cotton and my body is made of air. Nothing is skin.

January 12 2017


I wish you hadn’t stripped me of my softness. I feel I’ve been skinned alive.

January 04 2017

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January 01 2017

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December 29 2016

Callout post for people who use the word ‘thot’




Folks, I need to warn you

I’ve been seeing a sudden surge of use of the word ‘thot’ and I’m concerned

We’ve recently seen at least one ancient Egyptian deity resurrected through meme magic

Thoth is a significantly more powerful member of the pantheon than Kek and the consequences of summoning him may be even more drastic than the rebirth of Kek (Brexit, Trump winning the election, a series of celebrity deaths)

The phrase ‘return the bones thot’ radiates an obvious mystical power and it may herald that Thoth will come to preside over 2017 as Kek has presided over 2016 - the bones possibly refer to the millions of mummified ibises buried in his honor at his main temple in Khmun, by reblogging that post you may be unknowingly beseeching this ancient and powerful being to repay the thousands of years of sacrifices humanity once offered him - what form that might take, we can only speculate

Although it’s possible that Thoth has been with us for a while - his name in Greek letters is Θώθ, which is clearly referenced in the ‘OwO what’s this?’ meme

As the inventor of both magic and science and keeper of all wisdom, Thoth assuredly does know what ‘this’ is, but I’m not sure we want to find out

I’m also concerned that Thoth’s wife Ma’at may be connected to the frequent seemingly compulsive and superfluous use of the word ‘mate’ or ‘m8′ in memes

Please be careful with your memes, they may hold hidden arcane power

haha good one

*googles Θώθ*

oh bloody hell

Unlike Kek, a god of primordial darkness, Thoth is associated with balance, mediation, and arbitration. The return of Thoth may be exactly what we need in these troubled times


two types of people who have villainous kins/ids:

type 1: im so sorr y for everything i did in my canon…….im sorry guys i apologize……to who i’ve hurt…..

type 2: no offense but i kinda dont care

December 25 2016



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